Abi Sue



Abi Sue got into cosplay in 2009 when her brothers invited her to an anime convention. The experience was so enjoyable that she continued making upwards of 30+ costumes for herself and more for friends and family over the years. She enjoys posting ‘work in progress’ photos often and loves to help people find solutions to costume problems.

Materials that she has worked with range from worbla or craft foam armor, jewelry, wig styling and wefting, sewing a variety of fabrics, specializing in bodysuit creation with spandex, creating patterns from scratch or editing existing patterns, learned the basics of casting resin from Jerikandra, leatherwork, hand embroidery, and even learned how to make chainmail.

Having won first place in the Rose City Comic Con costume contest in the comics category a few years ago, as well as placing in a few other contests, she now enjoys judging costume contests now. Having a love for a variety of characters, she has a huge list that she keeps adding to. She cosplays from comics, Disney movies, Sci Fi, games, anime, movies, tv shows, the list goes on! Abi loves choosing characters that she can relate to, or that have really challenging or beautiful costumes to create. Cosplay has such a positive influence in her life, she thinks that everyone who is interested should give it a try!

Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography