Eric Schock

Artist - Upper Deck, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Neoflux Productions, Arcana Comics


Eric Schock is an Independent Comic Creator, and the owner of Evil Robo Productions, LLC. Eric is a graduate of the Kubert School, and loves what he does.

Eric has been creating comics independently for more than 11 years. He’s done artwork for many organizations, such as Upper Deck, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Neoflux Productions and Arcana Comics. He has provided comic shops and conventions with promotional artwork for their venues with graphic design, badge art, and poster illustration. He has spoken on panels at conventions in great lengths about his experiences in the industry, and how to promote and self-publish creator owned intellectual properties. Eric was an art director for Tucson Comic Con for 5 years. Eric has run a small comic company/freelance studio called Evil Robo Productions for 15 years. Publishing an array of stories in almost every genre. Eric has worked with many talented writers, and artist from professional to small press. Taking the time to Introduce the craft of creating comics to many creative individuals by working with them, and publishing their stories without editing their concepts, giving the creator complete freedom to create. He is also a teacher, and hopes to pass his knowledge down to the next generation of comic creators.

Eric is best known for ERP'S flagship title Ash-Tray Comics featuring his creation The Bald Avenger, and proving artwork for the revival of many public domain superheroes envisioned for a new generation. Working with Sillie Monkie Comics Thomas Keith, and Eric have brought the characters, and original creators into the spotlight for modern comic fans to enjoy. 

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