Arizona Exhibitors

  1. Bear Claw Studios
    Bear Claw Studios

    Jacob Bear, the founder, has provided layouts, pencils, and inks for a variety of comic book companies, including DC, Image, Dynamite and Zenescope.  He has worked closely with Marat Mychaels as well as Rob Liefield.

  2. CGC Comics
    CGC Comics
    The leading comic book grading service. Details
  3. Church of Horror
    Church of Horror

    From the creatively twisted mind of BigChris, Church of Horror was founded upon the misunderstood, the souls who wander between day & night...

  4. San Tan Comics
    San Tan Comics


  5. Scifi Cards
    Scifi Cards

    Scifi Cards was officially launched January 1, 2000. We had dabbled in some local shows and card sales prior to that, but in 2000 the focus became just trading cards.

  6. Collectors Marketplace
    Collectors Marketplace

    The Collectors Marketplace is a truly unique shopping and selling experience

  7. Shield Labs
    Shield Labs
    Shield Labs makes Replica Props for cosplay and display.
  8. Surprise Comics
    Surprise Comics

    Graded Comics, Jewelry, Minifigures, Pops!

  9. Dave & Adam's
    Dave & Adam's

    Dave and Adam's Card World was founded in 1991 when two friends opened a small card store in Buffalo, NY!

  10. The Artist's Choice
    The Artist's Choice
    Original Comic Book Artwork Details
  11. Desert Wind Enterprises
    Desert Wind Enterprises
    Desert Wind Comics provides to its clients the means to find Comic Book related merchandise as well is considered one of the leading CBCS Authentic Signature Program Facilitators in the Comic Collectibles Industry. No matter if you are looking to get you collectible signed or signed and graded, DWC is the place to go for safe, consistent customer service.
  12. Toy Anxiety
    Toy Anxiety

    At, our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible

  13. Toynk

    Buy Collectibles, Toys, Costumes and More at

  14. Gem City Books
    Gem City Books
    Gem City Books sells graphic novels, Manga and more! 
  15. JSA (Authentication)
    JSA (Authentication)
    Maximize the value of your signed collectibles. Details
  16. KRS Comics
    KRS Comics

    Our goal is to create awesome exclusives with various well known as well as up and coming artists in the industry. We also provide the latest variant comics from today's top publishers. 

  17. Legends Comics and Games
    Legends Comics and Games
    The best place in the valley to get your comics, pop culture and tabletop games fix all in one place.
  18. Metropolis Collectibles
    Metropolis Collectibles
    World's largest vintage comic dealership. Details
  19. Michael Calero Art
    Michael Calero Art

    My name is Michael Calero and I draw comics!

  20. PerfectShaker Inc.
    PerfectShaker Inc.
    Performa’s mission is to create enthusiasm for building a healthy lifestyle.
  21. Rob Carlos Fantasy Art
    Rob Carlos Fantasy Art

    This page is for fans of the Fantasy art of Rob Carlos.