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Seattle Exhibitors

  1. CGC Comics
    CGC Comics
    The leading comic book grading service. Details
  2. JSA (Authentication)
    JSA (Authentication)
    Maximize the value of your signed collectibles. Details
  3. Bruno Illustration
    Bruno Illustration
    Original Comic Book Artwork Details
  4. Carlyfornia, From the Land Beyond
    Carlyfornia, From the Land Beyond

    Posters, DVD & Blu Ray! We sell Rare, Bizarre, Cult, Horror, Hard to Find Movie Posters & Films! We stock Severen, Synapse, Unearthed, Vinegar Syndrome, Full Moon & MORE

  5. Comics Dungeon
    Comics Dungeon

    Established in 1992, the Comics Dungeon was founded by Marv Brost and Steven Beard. 

  6. Everett Comics
    Everett Comics

    Everett Washington's #1 Comic Shop. We've been here since 1983. With a full selection of comics, back-issues, comic supplies, toys, and art books! Open 7 Days a week.

  7. Faithful Imagination
    Faithful Imagination

    I’m an artist of twenty-two years. Growing up in Washington you think I'd be used to the rain. A gray cloud hangs overhead most of the year, washing out the color. My artwork used to reflect this colorless aspect, but no longer. I adore the vibrant colors of life. When the sunshine sparkles through the leaves, that’s when my heart fills with warmth. God created this beauty for us to enjoy. Bringing Him pleasure with my own creations means more to me than anything. 

  8. Focus Comic
    Focus Comic

    Focus is an autistic super hero, founded and created by Yvonne Wan (A Social Cultural Anthropologist & Autism Documentary film maker).

  9. Forest Tales Publishing
    Forest Tales Publishing

    Owned and operated by Jesikah Sundin, Forest Tales Publishing is a small press for young adult science fiction and fantasy. 

  10. GSM Charity Auctions
    GSM Charity Auctions
    Huge Selection of Pops! Details
  11. LIOE Design
    LIOE Design

    Every product has a story. A reason why a product looks the way it does from function and practicality to aesthetics. All our products are designed with the belief that everyday goods can be extraordinary. We strive to ensure the user is getting the most unique experience and to create a everyday item in a completely re-imagined way.

  12. Michael Calero Art
    Michael Calero Art

    My name is Michael Calero and I draw comics!

  13. Monkey House Studio
    Monkey House Studio

    Looking for a new and unique approach to the meditative art of coloring? You've come to the right place. Welcome to Monkey House Studio, where you will find coloring pages that begin a journey of the imagination. Each Surrealist, Sci-Fi and Steampunk-inspired image hints at a larger story, but the story, like the artwork, is left incomplete. As you complete the artwork by adding color, create a story for the image. Write it down. Have fun with it. How does the tale end? How does it begin?


    Eh, don't like talking about myself. If you want to know more about me. Look at my work and understand how I think. That's really how you understand an artist. See the connection and the understanding of why I did what I did.

  15. Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique
    Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique

    Jill Taplin spent over 15 years in book publishing and fell in love with the team dynamic creating comics. After realizing it's ok to not like superhero comics, and falling in love with geek fashion and cosplay, she decided to do something about it and open an inclusive space for everyone interested in any pop culture. She is also a proud Alopecian of 25 years, and supports Her favorite type of comics are dystopian and adorable/humor (i.e. Bitch Planet, Black Hammer, Catboy, The Flintstones).

  16. Wildcard Toys
    Wildcard Toys

    Wildcard Toys was launched by four nerdy friends in 2015. The company is headquartered in Richmond, VA. with additional locations in Coral Springs, FL. and Atlanta, GA.