Gerardo Preciado

Writer - Psycario, Master of the Lords, Grimm Tales of Terror


Gerardo Preciado is a writer and musician from northern México. As a child and influenced greatly by his older brother, Gerardo grew up with a healthy dose of Superhero Comics, Slasher films, and Heavy Metal.

In 2013 along with artist Daniel Bayliss, he created a web comics blog with the intention of publishing some short stories as preparation for the making of a larger graphic novel, the blog, called 'Moonhead Press' went viral with its first post, a dark and disturbing tribute to the caped crusader, 'The Deal' was read by over a million people on its first week online on the blog alone and was translated by fellow fans around the world into portuguese, german, spanish, italian and several more languages.
The success of 'The Deal' and 'God's End' (the exploration of another superhero archetype) lead to Gerardo's first professional writing gig, Grimm Tales of Terror # 9, Gerardo's tribute to 80's slasher films, was released in march, 2015 by Zenescope Enterteinment.
Also in 2015, he funded a new web comics blog called Old Skull Comics, co-created with childhood friend and artist David Marquez, the blog has recieved a very positive response from fans for its crazy and over the top stories like 'Psycario' and 'Master of the Lords'.
Since 2008, Gerardo runs a 'one man record label' called Musike Di Diable, where he releases 'music from an alternate universe' featuring several artists which often collaborate with each other. The label mainly specializes in soundtracks to unexisting 80's film franchises such as 'Terrore!', a 'film so scary... it was never made!.
Gerardo has written several short films including 'Death Racer Vs. the Vampire Women' (2007) and more recently, 'The Shape' (2017), all of them directed by his older brother, Rob. In 2013 he got a credit in the Robert Rodriguez' short 'Two Scoops' by tweeting him the winning weapon concept later used on the film.
Gerardo currently lives in Hermosillo, Sonora where he is currently writing his first screenplay, a 'spiritual time travel' novel, and of course, Comics and Soundtracks to unexisting films.