Jacob Bear

Artist - Warlock, Logan’s Run, Zenescope, Hawk and Dove, Deathstroke, Army of Darkness, Zen: The Intergalactic Ninja


Jacob Bear is a professional comic artist who has been working in the industry for the past 17 years. While Jacob has always drawn, getting a degree in animation helped him take his career to the next level. After getting his degree, he was able to start small and eventually began working at Blue Water productions where he got to work with Lionsgate on titles like “Warlock” and “Logan’s Run.” He then started working with Zenescope, illustrating titles like “Wonderland,” “Grimm Fairy Tales,” “Grimm Universe,” “BAR Maid,” and “Inferno.” During that time Rob Liefeld noticed his work, allowing Jacob to work on a variety of titles such as DC’s “Hawk and Dove” as well as “Deathstroke.” He also worked on Rob Liefeld’s “The Infinite” and “Bloodstrike” and was lucky enough to get the opportunity to assist on Marvel’s “Deadpool.” Through Rob, Jacob was also noticed by Marat Mychaels with whom he has worked with on a variety of titles and covers, such as “Army of Darkness” at Dynamite, “Zen: The Intergalactic Ninja” at First and a slew of covers for Zenescope. Jacob still works with Marat on Marat’s own titles, such as “Notti & Nyce,” “Blindside,” and “Walking Dead Pooh.” Today, Jacob is close to finishing his series “Batbear” and will be releasing a one shot next year titled: “My Nightmarish Little Venomous Ponies and the Magical Friendship Zombies.”