Jerikandra got into cosplay after meeting Abi Sue in 2013 and never turned back. Beginning by having Abi make her costumes, she eventually learned how to sew spandex and create custom patterns.

Alongside learning to sew, she taught herself the art of latex sheeting as well as working on some of her own props. Creating latex costumes has become a fun and unique way of cosplaying. She posts ‘work in progress’ pictures often and keeps track of several tutorial links for future use as well.

When it comes to cosplaying characters, she finds herself picking them based on either their empowering abilities or simply ones with shiny and bright colored costumes. She loves superheroes, Disney princesses, Science fiction, Fantasy, and comics as well. Running out of characters to cosplay will never be a problem for her. Cosplaying has been an incredible experience for her and she believes strongly in being openly supportive to anyone who is interested in cosplaying, no matter their race, gender, or body type.

Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography