Authoress - Half-Hearts, Half-Hearts II: Redemption, Half-Hearts III: Reckoning, Romeo Killed Juliet, Pride Killed Prejudice, Tristan Killed Isolde, I Don't!: A Comedy of Error


Kealohilani has been called “The female Tolkien” for her Half-Hearts Trilogy and her Romeo Killed Juliet Trilogy has been touted as “Hitchcock-ian.”

She is a sword-fighting, hula-dancing, movie-making, great-outdoor-and-indoor-loving writer— with a passion for fiction that defies genre. Her currently-published works include a fantasy/adventure trilogy, a murder mystery trilogy, and a stand-alone romantic comedy. 

Even after going through divorce and several other romantic misadventures, she still believes her true love is out there. Her greatest hope for her work is that it will inspire others to keep their hearts open to love— no matter what they have been through in the past— while they enjoy the swordfights, dragons, magical spells, action, science fiction elements, murder mysteries, and comedy her writing provides (all amidst her signature twist-laden plots, which were inspired by her own reality). 

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