Liam Sharp

Artist - Wonder Woman, Justice League, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Spawn, Captain Stone


Liam Sharp is a writer, artist, and publisher. His comic art for DC has encapsulated horror - Wildstorm's 'THE POSSESSED' with Geoff Johns - anthropology, myth and psychedelia - Vertigo's acclaimed 'TESTAMENT' with Douglas Rushkoff - and hardcore sci-fi - Wildstorm/Epic's 'GEARS OF WAR' with Joshua Ortega, the best-selling comic of 2008. He also illustrated the graphic novel 'SUPERMAN: WHERE IS THY STING?' written by J.M DeMatteis, and numerous other mainstream titles over his 30+ year career. Sharp has two novels to his name - 'GOD KILLERS' (Mam Tor) and 'PARADISE REX PRESS, INC.' (PSPublishing) - and he co-founded the progressive digital storytelling company MADEFIRE, for which he co-created 'CAPTAIN STONE IS MISSING...' with his wife Christina. 

Liam recently finished his run on the best-selling Wonder Woman: Rebirth series's, 'THE LIES' and 'THE TRUTH' with Greg Rucka, an issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARK KNIGHTS METAL tie-in, with Rob Venditti, and is currently working on a major six issue series for DC which he is writing and illustrating.