• All participants must have valid ACE Comic Con admission.
  • All participants must read and agree to follow all rules of the Cosplay Contest.
  • By registering for the Cosplay Contest, all participants agree to allow ACE Comic Con to use their images for promotional purposes, both photographs and video.
  • All convention policies must be upheld during the entirety of the Cosplay Contest.
  • Volunteer staff may enter Cosplay contest as long as staff-related responsibilities are fulfilled and covered.
  • ACE staff may not compete in the Cosplay contest.

How to Enter

  • Sign-up for the Cosplay Contest will take place at the SonicBoomBox booth (#112). 
  • Entrants are required to show up at the requested time for the contest itself. Entrants who miss any of the required events may be disqualified. Please see the official schedule for times and locations of Cosplay Meetings and activities.
  • All entries must be submitted by the time of pre-judging on Saturday. Each contestant may only enter one costume in the competition.

General information

  • ACE Comic Con is a family friendly event. Content should not go beyond PG-13.
    • Offensive language of any kind is not allowed—no racial or sexual epithets; no profanity, etc.
    • No excessive violence.
    • No sexual activity or contact—real or implied.
    • All sexual jokes must have a non-sexual interpretation that is at least as obvious as the sexual one.
    • No nudity—ALL costumes must adhere to the official convention rules.
    • Be clever, not crass! If you think your costume or presentation might be too risqué or offensive, it probably is.
    • No political statements are allowed during the catwalk. Anyone who violates this may be disqualified from the competition.
    • Do not use any sort of projectiles at all! Nothing must leave your person while you are on the catwalk.
    • All prop weapons must conform to the ACE Comic Con Weapons Policy, which is as follows: No real, or realistic guns, knives, swords, hammers, spears or other weapons are allowed at all, including Airsoft and similar guns. This includes attendees with a concealed carry permit. Any weapon or replica weapon must be made of plastic or foam to be allowed into the event.
  • You may surprise the audience, but NEVER SURPRISE THE CREW.
  • No fire, flame, smoke, fog, dry ice, wind machines, lasers, pressurized gases or liquids.
  • No messy substances—wet, dry, or oily—in the green room or on stage.
  • No jumping on or off stage—please use the officially designated stage entrances and exits.
  • Entrants must abide by the Convention Weapons Policy. All weapons must be approved. Pointing weapons at anyone not in your Cosplay group will NOT be tolerated. The Cosplay Coordinator must approve any actions involving weapons.
  • Contestants may not use stage time to make political, religious, insulting, or other demonstrations not related to their entry.
  • If for whatever reason one contestant is removed from competition for any violation, the entire group will be disqualified as well.
  • All decisions made by the Cosplay Coordinator or Programming Director are final.
  • You must have some kind of foot covering. Shoes or boots are required. Be aware of safety concerns. If your character does not wear shoes the lack of accuracy will be forgiven; consider flesh-toned or clear shoes.
  • Leave the stage as clean as it was when you set foot on it. Arrange to remove all items you brought on stage at the end of your presentation. If you have a particularly intricate presentation, we recommend you recruit your own stage ninjas.