Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique

Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique is a physical space located in the Seattle neighborhood of Fremont that brings together a community of individuals (women, minorities, LGBTQ groups) who identify with geek culture, but have traditionally been underserved by comic shops.

Jill Taplin spent over 15 years in book publishing and fell in love with the team dynamic creating comics. After realizing it's ok to not like superhero comics, and falling in love with geek fashion and cosplay, she decided to do something about it and open an inclusive space for everyone interested in any pop culture. She is also a proud Alopecian of 25 years, and supports https://naaf.org. Her favorite type of comics are dystopian and adorable/humor (i.e. Bitch Planet, Black Hammer, Catboy, The Flintstones).