Sean Sautter

Kids Comic Con


Sean Sautter is a self taught artist who has been at the pencil since he could hold one.  His style has changed over the years, but he has always felt most at home drawing in a more cartoony style, which is where he puts his focus today.  What is the reason behind his style of choice?  Sean has found so much joy in bringing others a smile, and prides himself in his family-friendly pieces that everyone can enjoy!  Years ago, after being inspired by another artist (aren’t we all?), Sean finally braved the convention world and went from a shopping fan, to the creator behind the table and has come so far!  Maintaining his self-taught trend, he has grown from penciler who hired for inks and colors, to doing it all himself!  And although Sean has a strong focus on fan art for the time being, he is currently working on building his own world with a comic strip loosely based on his life experiences and a children’s book.  For more information, please feel free to visit