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*Schedule subject to change
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*Schedule subject to change

*Schedule is subject to change

Black = MAIN STAGE              Blue = 2nd STAGE                   Green = KIDS STAGE

Times will be announced approximately 1 week prior to the event. 



4:30pm     Master Class: Drawing Spider-Man with Humberto Ramos (2nd Stage)

From covers to interiors, artist Humberto Ramos has been drawing Spider-Man professionally for over 15 years! Learn first-hand from the artist how he creates dynamic and energetic art of one of Marvel’s most beloved characters. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just picking up a pencil for the first time, there’s something for everyone in this live drawing demonstration.


5:15pm     WWE SmackDown: Shinsuke Nakamura & Becky Lynch (Main Stage)

The King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura, and SmackDown’s first ever Women’s Champ, Becky Lynch, take the stage with moderator Lilian Garcia to discuss their journey with the WWE! 

5:45pm     Artisan Echelon Custom Sneaker Live Demo (2nd Stage)

Artisan Echelon by Sierato is a multi-dimensional, luxury clothing & apparel company that creates lifestyle street wear and unique custom shoe designs on the most popular shoe brands. This demo will feature CEO/Artisan, Cory Bailey (aka Sierato), and Co-CEO/Manager, Cedric Calder, detailing the process of Sierato's one of a kind creations.

6:15pm    D&D and Beadle & Grimm's Design-a-Dungeon w/ Matthew Lillard (Main Stage)

Create a whole adventure in an hour! Even if you’ve never DMed or played D&D, you can still participate in mass-brainstorming an awesome dungeon with your fellow gamers. We’ll take suggestions from the crowd for colorful non-player characters, terrifying monsters, silly henchpeople, and big bad guys. Then the panel will weave them all into a complete dungeon-delving adventure before your eyes. Join D&D designers and Beadle & Grimm’s cofounder Matthew Lillard as they help pick ideas for the module we’ll all design together.

Panelists: Matthew Lillard (Cofounder Beadle & Grimm’s), Kate Welch (Game Designer, D&D), Chris Lindsay (Product Manager, D&D), Jeremy Crawford (Lead Rules Designer, D&D). Moderator: Greg Tito (Communications Manager, D&D)

7:00pm     The After School Special Podcast (2nd Stage)

Join your hometown heroes, The After School Special Podcast, as they discuss award-winning Phoenix Run, the revolutionary transmedia comic series about a horrific superhero zombie apocalypse. See the premiere of the first web series episode and the debut of the first ever augmented reality choose your own adventure comic. And be sure to stick around for a Q&A featuring the creator, TJ Walker.

7:30pm     An Evening with Kevin Smith (Main Stage)

A writer, comedian, podcaster, and film director, KEVIN SMITH has written and directed numerous films, including Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Red State & Tusk; Creator of AMC’s Comic Book Men; authored Silent Bob Speaks, Shootin’ the Sh*t with Kevin Smith, My Boring-Ass Life and most recently Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good. He can be heard daily at, a vast network of podcasts. An Evening with Kevin Smith is a chance to get up close and personal with the man who brought the world these films. (FREE for all paid Friday ACE attendees!)





10:30am     Stormtrooper Armor Workshop with the 501st Legion (2nd Stage)

Local members of The 501st Legion will walk you through the process of building an approvable set of Imperial Stormtrooper armor! We'll show you the basics of measuring, cutting and gluing. Then, we'll pick up in progress with a halfway-completed kit, and talk through the steps as we finish it on stage. This fun, entertaining presentation will make audience members feel engaged by involving them in some of the easier tasks. Designed for beginners and intermediate builders alike.


11:00am     How to Draw a Caricature (Kids Stage)

Learn how to draw funny cartoon faces and exaggerated facial expressions. Turn your friends and family into human cartoons! A high-energy workshop with lots of audience participation.


11:45am     A Conversation with Paul Bettany & Elizabeth Olsen: Vision / Scarlet Witch - Hosted by Kevin Smith! (Main Stage)

Avengers Assemble! Join Paul Bettany (Jarvis / Vision) and Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch) for a very special panel hosted by Kevin Smith, as they answer your burning questions on Avengers: Infinity War!

1:00pm     Master Class: How to Draw with Kim Jung Gi (2nd Stage)

Join superstar artist, Kim Jung Gi (Civil War II, The Flash, Superman / Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman) for this rare live drawing demo! 

1:30pm     Andy Park - Creating the look of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Main Stage)

What does it take to bring Marvel Comics’ most iconic characters from page to screen? Marvel Studios’ Visual Development Supervisor & Concept Artist, Andy Park, takes you on a visual journey to explore the creation of the unique looks he helped bring to life for such blockbuster films as Captain America: Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok, and the Avengers films!


2:15pm     Meet the R2 Builders (2nd Stage)

Get an introduction to the galaxy's most famous droid, R2-D2! See how R2 has infiltrated film and pop culture beyond Star Wars, and get an inside look on how droids are constructed from the R2 Builders Club!


3:00pm     Tom Lenk: Lewk for Less (Main Stage)

Actor, comedian and international instagram sensation, Tom Lenk (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Cabin in the Woods, Transparent) discusses the creative process behind the Lenk LEWK For Less and how you can use his hilarious catch phrases to find creative freedom within budgets and limitations, elevate your cosplay game, and how to do "less work and MOAR WERRRK!"

3:00pm     Comics In Schools (Kids Stage)

The Doodle Inc zines and the Young Authors anthologies have been a part of West Seattle Afterschool Arts for twenty years, with fifteen different Young Authors fiction anthologies (and two full novels) and over seventy Doodle Inc class zines in print. We've tabled at Emerald City and the Olympia Comics Festival and Olympia Zine Fest, and a bunch of other places and someone ALWAYS comes up to the table and sighs and says, "I wish we could get something like that started at our school." This is a presentation about how you can!


3:30pm     Funko Funkast Live! (2nd Stage)

The Funko Funkast is Funko’s only official podcast, usually recorded at Funko HQ in Everett, WA. Sully, Cameron, Hilary, Yoko & Ashley from Funko’s marketing team discuss topics throughout pop culture, but often get distracted by food, and sometimes even talk about Funko. Look for the Funko Funkast on social media at @OriginalFunko! 


4:00pm     A Conversation with Grant Gustin: The Flash - Hosted by Kevin Smith! (Main Stage)

Catch The Scarlet Speedster, Grant Gustin (Barry Allen / The Flash), as Kevin Smith helps us get up to speed on the recently announced 5th season of the CW’s hit television series, The Flash.


4:45pm     The Best of the Weird in Star Wars with Blast Points Podcast (2nd Stage)

Join lifelong Star Wars fans and podcasters Jason and Gabe from Blast Points as they spotlight an audio/visual tour through some of the strangest moments in Star Wars history! Selections will include the time Richard Pryor hung out with the cantina aliens! The best of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special! The George Lucas Super Live Adventure live show that toured Japan! George Lucas' secret robot buddy Sparky! Rapping C-3PO! Prune Face flying the Falcon and much, much MORE! Whether you are a seasoned Jedi Master or young Padawan, you'll want to check out this look at the wild and weirdest moments in Star Wars history!

6:15pm      A Conversation with Cast Members from Civil War - Hosted by Kevin Smith! (Main Stage)

Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Sebastian Stan (The Winter Soldier), & Anthony Mackie (Falcon) hit the stage with Kevin Smith to discuss their roles within the Marvel Universe.


7:15pm      ACE Comic Con Cosplay Contest (Main Stage)

Get out your capes, gas up your jetpacks and polish your shields! It’s time for the ACE Comic Con Cosplay Contest! This is your time to shine. Show off your costumes in this cosplay battle royal for a chance to win cash prizes! Do you have what it takes to be crowned the Cosplay Champion of the ACE Universe?




10:30am      A Conversation with Camila Mendes: Riverdale (Main Stage)

Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge) takes center stage as she discusses her hit CW series, Riverdale, and what lies ahead for season 3.


10:30am     Science Fiction VS Epic Fantasy (2nd Stage)

Join our panel of esteemed authors as we look at the unspoken handshake between film and fiction. When Star Wars is big, science fiction sells well. When a new Game of Thrones season comes out, it’s fantasy. How do readers and writers float with these changing tides, or should they? And what about the fiction genres that never seem to be in vogue such as steampunk? Is that because there’re no blockbuster equivalents? Let’s discuss!


11:00am     Lettering and Sound Effects (Kids Stage)

Comics, either American or manga-style, is not just a style of drawing-- it's a kind of LANGUAGE. How does that language work? Learn the mysteries of how to use swoosh lines, impact bursts, thought and speech balloons, and custom-tailoring a lettering style to fit the sound. This panel includes lots of audience participation!


11:45am     The Wonder Woman Legacy (2nd Stage)

From her first comic book appearance in 1941, Wonder Woman has been the world’s most famous female superhero. With the release of the 2017 Wonder Woman film, the character’s impact on society is felt more now than ever. After more than 75 years, Wonder Woman continues to transcend pop culture and inspire new generations of young people. Explore the significance of this truly iconic character and her continued importance in our world today.


12:00pm      Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2 Discussion with Cheo Hodari Coker (Main Stage)

Creator, Writer, Executive Producer and Showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker discusses season 2 of the hit Netflix series, Marvel's Luke Cage.


12:30pm      Create a Comic Book Cover! (Kids Stage)

Kids learn the secrets of designing an awesome comic book cover and create one of their own, drawing it directly onto a comic to keep!


1:00pm      Master Class: How to Draw THOR w/ Will Sliney (2nd Stage)

Artist Will Sliney (Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man 2099, Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man,Fearless Defenders) takes the stage for a live drawing demo and shows you how to draw Thor from the cover of his ACE Comic Con Seattle Exclusive Avengers #1 cover.


1:30pm     A Conversation with Hayley Atwell: Agent Carter (Main Stage)

Hayley Atwell (Agent Peggy Carter) sits down to discus her role as ‘Agent Peggy Carter’ in the Marvel films Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as well as the 2 seasons of her hit ABC show, Agent Carter.


2:00pm     Kids Costume Cavalcade (Kids Stage)

Calling all Cosplay kids! Show of your costumes and strut your stuff on the KIDS stage in the ACE Kids Con! Show us what the next generation of superheroes has in store!


2:15pm     Star Wars Madness With Blast Points Podcast (2nd Stage)

The hosts of Blast Points Podcast have prepared a panel that will test your knowledge of the Star Wars Galaxy with an hour of total STAR WARS MADNESS! You may know Star Wars but can you beat the nearly impossible questions in 1982's Jedi Master Quizbook written by the then 11 year old Jedi Master Rusty Miller? Join us for a family friendly round of some the hardest questions Rusty has to offer! And are you strong enough with the Force to guess which character goes with sweet sounds of their late 90s CommTech chip? We will play the sound of the CommTech chip and first person to correctly answer the character whose voice that's supposed to be wins! Grab your Wookiee co-pilot, put on your thinking cap and come celebrate the love!


4:15pm     A Conversation with Tom Hiddleston: Loki (Main Stage)

Join the God of Mischief, Tom Hiddleston, as he discusses life as Loki in the Marvel Universe. 


*Schedule is subject to change