Tommy Giblin

Ink Fusion Tattoo


My Name is Tommy Giblin. I grew up inNew Jerseyand have lived in the area my whole life.Growing up I've always had a passion for art and pop culture. Movies, comics, cartoons, and video games have played a big part in anything that I would draw. Drawing a lot of inspiration from movies like Star wars and Indiana Jones as well as any Marvel comic you can think of.

I've been tattooing for about 15 years. Iam fortunate enough to own my own shop Cypher Ink Tattoo Studio with my beautiful fiancéefor the last 4 years.

We opened an all custom shop where I have the opportunityto create oneof a kind tattoos. I always pride myself in giving 110% in any tattoo I do, but always get a little extra excited when I get thechance to do somethingnerdy and pop culture related.

I specialize in black and greyrealismbut can also do color.I try to stay versatileso I can accommodatethe clients’wishes.

If interested in an appointment at the show contact Marc Draven